Care for Cancer

Cancer: A Global Epidemic

By 2020, the World Health Organization estimates there will be 10 million new cancer cases per year in low- and middle-income countries where optimal treatment and care is rare. The disproportionate burden and inadequate resources reveal the desperate need for expanded solutions.

The Care for Cancer Foundation is responding to this unmet need.


Leaping Forward

We are planning for the future. The Care for Cancer Foundation is investing in a five-year strategic plan aimed at strengthening our capacity to systematically meet the needs of cancer patients, doctors, families, and communities around the South Africa.


The Care for Cancer Foundation strategic plan has three main areas of focus:

Care for Cancer

" This strategic plan guides us to leap forward towards improved systems and increased transparency. We share it with you as partners and collaborators in helping people face cancer with dignity and hope. With your support, we believe the best days of The Care for Cancer Foundation are ahead of us "


A Strategic Plan: Why Now?


A Focus on Global Health

We looked externally to ensure our strategic plan aligned with global cancer priorities. We also looked inward to assess our greatest strengths and needs. We chose specific goals based on the intersection of health needs, therapeutic opportunities, our internal strengths, and alignment with key private sector and in-country partners.


A Focus on Outcomes

Our overall aim is to strengthen our ability to achieve our mission of expanding access to cancer treatment, care, and support in low- and middle-income countries. The ultimate impact of our mission will be better quality of life, survival rates, and higher cure rates for people facing cancer around the world.


Outcomes: What we’re aiming for


More people around the world benefiting from our programs
Additional strategic partnerships that expand our impact
Rigorous and consistent evaluation of our programs
Increasing the amount and diversity of our funding
Aligning our systems, staff, and leadership with our strategic goals