Care For Cancer


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Bank:                             Nedbank
Account Name:            Care for Cancer Foundation
Account Number:        1136318240
Branch Code:               198765 
Branch:                         Musgrave

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Account No: 1136318240

What happens to my donation?

Donations made to Care for Cancer Foundation are utilised in the following manner:

  • To continue to provide Sanitary Packs to cancer groups across South Africa.
  • To continue to provide a free transportation for terminal cancer patients  to and from treatment.
  • To continue funding and sponsoring free mammograms to disadvantaged women.
  • To develop and present cancer educational and support services in underprivileged communities.
  • To continue developing public awareness campaigns and ensure cancer becomes a national priority in South Africa.
  • To fund and provide individual cancer advocacy services to cancer patients without a voice.
  • To develop and print material which will assist in supporting and educating the patients and their families.
  • To continue developing technological cancer tools that offer free information and critical support to all communities, specifically in rural areas.