Our vision is a world where all people facing cancer live with dignity and hope

Our mission is to increase global access to:

treatment, care, and support for people living with cancer

Access to treatment and services to diagnose and treat cancer patients
Providing access to palliative care to all cancer related illness.
Access to support for patients, family members and cancer survivors

The Care for Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to share the burden of cancer by improving patient access to innovative cancer care.

Cancer is a burden that impacts on the lives of all South Africans, across all languages, races, ages, genders and religions. Cancer, in its various forms, is currently the fourth biggest killer of South Africans.

This is despite the fact that most common cancers can be successfully treated if detected early enough.

The most common obstacles to successful treatment are money and resources - many South Africans are unable to afford cancer treatments, or don't have access to adequate cancer treatment centres.

Our vision is simple:  To share the burden in the fight against cancer.

We aim to alleviate the state health care providers' burden of refurbishing and upgrading oncology units and treatment centres and improving oncology nursing skills.

We aim to share the patients' financial burden by giving them access to the drugs and facilities they need.

We aim to share the health care providers' burden of the treatment decision, often based on the 'cost to treat' rather than the effectiveness of treatment. Our goal is to allow for the most appropriate treatment to be given and mitigate the treatment choice being primarily a financial decision.

We aim to share the burden of the medical aid scheme by reducing the funding risk and facilitating patient access to innovative cancer care.

We aim to share the pharmaceutical companies' burden of patient access to innovative and effective medication.

Care for Cancer

The Scope of the Cancer Epidemic in

Low- and Middle-Income Countries


By 2030, there will be a projected 23.6 million cancer cases around the world. 
Most of these will occur in low- and middle-countries that are unable to offer proper treatment and care.


An Expert Perspective from Dr. Gilberto Lopes

Dr. Gilberto Lopes, a Professor of Oncology at John Hopkins University, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the Oncoclinicas Group in Brazil, and member of the Strategic Innovation Advisory Board, shares his insight on the vital need for cancer treatment is in low- and middle-income countries.


Care for Cancer

1Taken from “Developing Resource-Stratified Guidelines in Oncology to Improve Cancer Care Worldwide” by Dr. Gilberto Lopes. Read the article to learn more about the needs around cancer control in low- and middle-income countries to better understand how it drives our mission.



Aligning with a Global Purpose

Our strategic aim for The Care for Cancer Foundation  aligns with the global health targets set in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of September 2015. Many of the UN’s goals address the control of non-communicable diseases with cancer representing one of the highest burden diseases. Our mission is specifically focused on the following Sustainable Development Goal:

Care for Cancer


How to be Part of the Solution

We will only be successful in achieving our mission with your support and partnership. As a public serving organization, we depend on your fiscal support. Equally important is how we rely on your collaboration to extend our reach around the world. Find out how you can get involved with the Care for Cancer Foundation

Care for Cancer Foundation

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