Welcome to South Africa's First Free Cancer Oxygenation Centre

We are planning for the future. The Care for Cancer Foundation is investing in the first ever Cancer Centre in South Africa to offer Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy to underprivileged patients and indigent members of society FREE OF CHARGE!



Low pressure Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy is one of the most cutting edge and elegant methods of healing available!

The Care for Cancer Foundation has identified that there exists a dire need for a dedicated Oxygenation Therapy service in the oncology sector, and has earnestly embarked on establishing the first and only such private facility in Kwa-Zulu Natal based in Sherwood, Durban.

The therapy involves the patient being treated with 100% pure oxygen in a chamber where the atmospheric pressure can be increased under regulated conditions. This enables blood oxygen levels to be temporarily raised to support healing of sickness underpinned by low tissue oxygenation. This increase in the oxygen levels in the blood speeds up cell repair in cancer patients. It also assists particularly effectively in managing side effects of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

We have decided to initiate this amazing treatment at our recently renovated Cancer Centre by sourcing and purchasing the Hyperbaric Oxygenation Chamber internationally to install this remarkable medical device in our new Care Centre by September 2020 solely dedicated to Oxygenation Therapy at a total cost of R350 000.00!

We are alive to the fact that given our current economical challenges due to COVID 19, we cannot burden regular donors with sponsoring the full amount as a large number of donors have primarily been assisting with various COVID 19 humanitarian initiatives in remarkable ways and we applaud such dedication in assisting our community during this time of the global pandemic. 

Therefore, we will only be successful in achieving our amazing visionary mission and making this remarkable cutting edge venture a reality with your support and partnership. As a public serving organization, we depend on the fiscal support and generosity of the public as we receive no government funding or sponsorship.

We would be duly obliged if you considered a donation of any amount towards this amazing initiative:

If 350 people generously donate R1000 we would successfully be able to fund this amazing Social Initiative!

Let us work together as a community to make this revolutionary therapy available to cancer patients FREE OF CHARGE! A contribution towards this amazing therapy will have long lasting positive effects in the fight against cancer.

Oxygen therapy makes cancer survivor feel like dancing again